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How do i delete my facebook account


Unlike myspace which has a complicated system to delete accounts that have been made, but the way it works is quite simple and not time consuming, but how to delete a facebook account can be done by a very simple but indirect result of this work must wait out the alias account in remove themselves by the facebook.

The way that you can do to delete your facebook is enough just by visiting a page that has been provided facebook precisely in http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account

After the page appears then you will see a screen similar to the picture below, and things you should do on these pages are:

- Enter the email address of your facebook picture given in the blue box marks

- Resolve "Submit" which is tagged in red box

After the above process is you are doing right, then wait for the next few moments, then your facebook account will be deleted by Facebook

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Let's Learn How to Play Texas Holdem Poker


Let's Learn How to Play Texas Holdem PokerPerhaps for that do not know how to play these games zygna artificial, I could do little to help explain how to play: First of all the players in 2 pieces distributed by the Airport card, then we must combine cards seen in the table, with each player's cards each. Who is the combination of the highest value card, that's the winner of the bet. Combination is formed by 5 cards, which come from the player's own cards and the card shown in the table.

Sequence card combinations are as follows:

1. The card is higher value cards will beat a lower value.

2 card value will be lost with 3,
3 lost to 4,
4 lost by 5,
etc. ...
10 lost to J (jack)
A defeat by Q (Queen)
Q lost by K (King)
K lost with A (Ace) (in poker, A could be number 1 if you want, which means the lowest value). Card type does not influence at all. For example card with Heart J
A card spades (Spade) is the same. If the value 2 players have the same value, then viewed the card
both, value whichever is higher. For instance two players have
The highest card is a heart and a spade, then the same value. So viewed the card
second. Which is the higher value? If still the same, too, means
series, and the betting money is divided 2.

2. Whatever the highest card value, too, will lose with a combination of cards
called "One Pair".

3. "One Pair" defeated by "Two Pair",

4. "Two Pair" defeated by "Three of a Kind",

5. "Three of a Kind" defeated by "Straight",

6. "Straight" inferior to "Flush",

7. "Flush" inferior to "Full House",

8. "Full House" defeated by "Four of a Kind",

9. "Four of a Kind" defeated by "Straight Flush",

10. 'Straight Flush' lose with a "Royal Flush",

"One Pair" = a pair of cards. For example: 2-2-7-9-J
"Two Pair" = there are 2 pairs of cards. For example: 2-2-7-7-J
"Three of a Kind" = there are 3 equal cards. For example: 2-2-2-7-J
"Straight" = card order value. For example: A-2-3-4-5 or
10-JQKA (if QKA-2-3 could not, because it is not in order,
because here A be the number 1 which is the lowest number, as well
Ace is the highest number).
"Flush" = All the same card type, and its value does not sequential. Eg
all of these cards is 5 Hearts card.
"Full House" = One pair of cards and three cards together. Combined "One
Pair "and" Three of a Kind ". For example: 2-2-2-7-7 or 3-3-J-J-J.
"Four of a Kind" = 4 equal cards. For example: 2-2-2-2-J
"Straight Flush" = All the same card type, and value respectively.
For example all these cards are 5 Hearts card, and its value
"Royal Flush" = same as "Straight Flush", but the highest value.
In other words a combination of the best Flush. For example:
all of these cards is 5 Hearts card, and 10-JQKA value.

If there are two players got "One Pair", then see where the couple
the highest card value. For example, 2-2-7-9-A, lost to
3-3-5-7-J. Because the value of 3 higher than 2.

If there are two players got "One Pair" of equal value, then the views
another card, whichever is higher. For example: 2-2-7-9-A, lost to
2-2-8-9-J. Because the value of 8 is higher than 9. 2-2-7-9-J inferior to
2-2-7-9-Q. Because the Q value is higher than A.
And so on, so did the other combinations of cards. For example:
"Straight" A-2-3-4-5 lost with 3-4-5-6-7.
If there are two players have value and the same card combination, then
divided bet. For example, one player gets 2-3-4-5-6, and
Other players also got 2-3-4-5-6, then a draw and betting
divided by two.

So once again, the order value combination of the lowest card
is as follows:
- The highest value card
- One Pair
- Two Pair
- Three of A Kind
- Straight
- Flush
- Full House
- Four of a Kind
- Straight Flush
- Royal Flush

If you know the order of poker combination, then the way the game
how? There are various ways to play poker systems, including
no such thing: "Texas Hold'em Rules", which is like this:

- Suppose there are 4 players. Player one, player two, three players, and players

- Each player will take turns to be "dealers" (the dealer),
turns clockwise. For example player one becomes
"Dealer", then he would distribute the cards later.

- Before the cards handed out, 2 player on the left the dealer put
chip / bet, called the "Ante". "Ante" smaller first
instead of "ante" is next. For example: player one is the "dealer",
then the player to his left, let's say two players, put his Ante 5
dollars, and the next player again, the three players, put Ante
some 10 dollars. "Ante" commonly known as "Blind Bets".

- Collection of chips in the middle of the table to
hereinafter called the "Pot" .- Then split card, each player
got 2 cards. Card 2 is called "Private Cards" / "Hole Cards".

- Then, after the card visits (players can not see the card's
Another player, must see his own!), players on the left
pairs players ante second, to "bet" the first time. In case
This because the second ante pairs three players, then what do
"Bet" is the first time four players.

- "Bet" is a bet, can "call", "raise", or "fold"

- "Call" or "Stay In", meaning he will play, by placing
amount of money bet by other players wager the last time.
In this case the 10 dollars.

- "Raise" means he will play, put the stakes, with the value
higher stakes (higher than the value of the previous bet,
in this case higher than 10 dollars, for example, he put 20 dollars).

- "Fold" means that he will not play. So he did not come bets, and
close the card.

- Then followed the player to his left again, to "call", "raise", or
"Fold", and so on.

- After that, open 3 cards divided and placed in the center of the table,
rounds starting the second bet.

- As before, the players alternately make again
"Call", "raise", or "fold", starting from the player to the left of the
pairs ante to two earlier. Cards in the center of this table is called "Community
Cards ". And this round is called the "Flop".

- After that, opened one more card cards "Community Cards" are
fourth. This is called the "Turn Card" / "4th Street"

- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before.

- Then the last card "Community Cards" was opened again, this is called "River
Card "/" 5th Street ".

- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before. It is
The last round of betting.

- Then the players opened his card, and combine
cards with a card that looks at the table, forming a 5 card
best combination.

-Remember one thing to play with the mind is relaxed do not desire to see a good card because you are not necessarily the Minister, try to be open 3 cards on the table first if you have a good card, if you are sure please all in good luck

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How To Make Money Through The Internet From PTC Programs 1 Dollar Per Click


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Let's Play Free Game Online Get Dollar



Moola is a website that allows us to play online games on the internet with a member before joining them. Excess moola compared with other websites is Moola gives you money and mengfasilitasi to compete for additional money.How it works is very simple Moola, moola gives us some capital cent and the capital and we can use against mengandakannya with fellow members of moola and risking our capital. This way your money can be doubled up to millions of dollars.

To be sure there are three kinds of Moola games. I have 2 of them play. Hi & Lo (game of cards or small) and Ro Sham Bo Fu. I prefer to play Ro Sham Bo Fu (scissors, rock, paper) against others. cool enough for testing our ability to predict the opponent's movements. Moola Games especially good style and fun to spend time in front of the computer, or if you are tired, just play game for.

Moola Hi LoMoola Hi Lo

Moola Ro-Sham-Bo FuMoola Ro-Sham-Bo Fu

Moola Gold RushMoola Gold Rush

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Find out What is Paypal

Paypal is one of the means of payment in a secure internet. Paypal is one way to pay and get paid online. With paypal you can buy something. We can also transfer money to another paypal account. And we also get paid to be entered into our paypal account which can then be disbursed (withdraw) directly into our bank account.

Having a paypal account is crucial if we are doing the internet business and if we are looking for income on the internet. Because most of them will pay us through paypal. If we do not have paypal we can not get paid from producing programs on the internet dollars.

To be able to register at paypal there are several requirements that must be met, namely:

1. Have an email address. These email addresses will be used as a username.

2. Having a credit card.

3. If you do not have a credit card can then use a debit card from Commerce Bank.

4. Photo ID

5. Utility Bill (The letters such as bills, electricity bills, water, telephone etc)

Please Register Here :

If you've registered and all requirements are met then we can do all transactions. But if there are several requirements that the status of incomplete will be "limited". we can not accept or send money and so on.

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